Monday, January 20, 2014

A little haul

Well I haven't had a good shopping day for a while. Since Hawaii I've been a bit poor (Louis Vuitton store...) then Christmas came.. But a few weeks of pay later, some encouragement from some Feel Unique emails (SALE, SALE)  and my lovely Mother, yep I went a-shopping. First on the list was a toner. I've needed a good toner for a while and the online consensus seems to be this lovely Ren clarifying toning lotion. And it does not disappoint. Review to come. Staying on skincare I ran out of my beloved Emma Hardie cleansing balm pre Hawaii. Honestly how have I lasted this long without it. It was welcomed back with open arms and it was on sale. Wooohoo! It's just the most luxurious cleansing balm I've tried which makes my skin feel clean and plump after using it. Another returning love is the Loreal silver shampoo. This is a purple shampoo which does wonders for blonde hair. I defected to the Joico purple shampoo but it really isn't the same. I also picked up the Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation. I tried out my Mum's earlier in the week and loved it. It stayed put, even through a hot summers bike ride and gave a good, natural coverage. And it has sun protection. Winning. I think its a must buy if you live in Australia or any other sunny climates. And lastly the Real Technique's core collection. Need I say more? My favourite make-up brush brand. I really don't know how I've lasted this long without the buffing brush. Sorry stippling brush there's a new sheriff in town. And it's here to stay. 
Have a great week everyone. I'm heading to Melbourne and Sydney this week, so be prepared for some picture heavy posts when I return. x


  1. I love using the L'oreal Silver shampoo, it's amazing! I normally use it once a week and I leave it on my hair for around 3minutes to get stronger effect. x

    1. I can always see such a different in my hair colour after I've used it. Such an amazing product. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) x