Friday, January 10, 2014

My favourite summer lipsticks

Summer make-up for me encapsulates glowing bronzed skin, a matte neutral eye and a bright lipstick. For me a bright lipstick always beats out a nude, any time, anywhere. Especially in the hotter months. And there's no better time than the summer to go out of your comfort zone and try some bolder colours. These are some of my favourite shades I've been wearing recently.

The Lancome Rouge in Love lipsticks in particular have been a favourite of mine since I picked these beauties up from Sephora a month a go. They're creamy, but still have great colour pay off. Peachy tones, as well as red-oranges like the Maybelline and Nars lipsticks are also a great alternative if bright red lips scare you. I think a red-orange lip look really modern and sophisticated. The bright pink Lancome lipstick (361M) is a perfect alternative for people like me who find it very difficult to pull off very light pink tones. They simply don't suit me but I find this to be a really flattering colour, which isn't too out there. And finally the YSL bright pink lipstick. It's a firm favourite of mine, the lipstick glides on and is flattering for all skin tones. 

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