Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Hair Saviour

I have blonde hair. Which translates too I spend an exorbitant amount of money for someone to dye me hair and also on products to stop my hair from become dry and drab. Basically blonde hair is expensive. So as I continue to try and save for travel next year I decided instead of spending my hard earned money on hair products I would buy a cooking product from the supermarket.

I’ve read and heard a number of people raving about coconut oil and its many uses. So I went into Woolworths and picked up this organic coconut oil for under $9. Bargain.

Firstly let me tell you that coconut oil smells amazing. If you like the smell of coconuts, otherwise it may be a pretty horrendous smell for you.

So my deep conditioning treatment routine: After a shower at night when my hair is wet I slather this beautiful smelling product onto my hair, tie my hair up into a high bun and then proceed to sleep in it. Next morning I shampoo and condition my hair. And hey presto my hair is hydrated, shiny and it looks thick and luscious. The transformation was actually pretty wondrous. My hair is quite thin and can look very drab. It’s also helped to prevent any breakage. It’s basically a magical product in my eyes.

A few tips, for obvious reasons change your pillow cases after you have slept in the mask. Also if you want to cook with the coconut oil I would have two separate jars. No one wants any hair in your food.

Do you have any other natural or affordable hair solutions? I would love to know.

Laura x


  1. I love coconut oil but it's so pricey here in the UK! :( x

    1. Oh that's not good! It's strange how prices can vary so much between different countries x

  2. I really want to start oil pulling - I use coconut oil in my cooking all the time but have never really used it as a beauty treatment!

    x Michelle |

    1. Yeah I've heard so much about oil pulling, sounds interesting. Thanks for stopping by :) x

  3. Coconut oil is my new love. xx


  4. really need to get some of this!

    from helen at